Meet The Team

Manuel Grün

Manuel is humble and calm, but also adventerous and curious.
Currently he studies international business, giving him a unique strategical perspective on the structure of Be More.

Janne Tiktak

Light-hearted, hard working and critical; these are words that describe Maj well. She is passionate about using communication as a tool to inspire people to live better and more sustainable lifestyles.

Fran Palokaj

Fran is energetic, optimistic and mindful. He is constantly striving to be a better version of himself so he can contribute the most to those around him. Based on this mindset he passionately works on Be More.

Tristan Hofman

Tristan is ambitious, analytical and creative. His background as an entrepreneur and Business Administration major helps him to ensure BeMore grows in a structured and professional way.

Sander blum

Sander is driven, intelligent and confident, he is also the best dressed man on campus. Through his calm and posed speech he manages to captivate groups and bring individual conversations to the deepest levels.

Bjarne Rademacher

Bjarne is cheerful and adventerous. His creative thinking and knowledge on communication and marketing makes him an essential asset to Be More.

Lucy van der Meer

I’m a person who has been completely in love with design since a young age and I’m hooked on the game of pushing design and brands to their fullest potential. I aspire to help others get just as hooked for their passions and grow together to our best selves.

Teun Hoiting

Most of the time caffeinated and loving life. Stuck to a screen half of that time with a passion for coding and design, I'm doing the website for bemore.

Karel Klok

Born Dutch, raised Polish, and creative from the heart. I mainly focus on making content within BeMore with the goal to visualise and spread our purpose. Oh, and I need caffeine. 

Tjeerd Looman

Business administration student and currently studying a minor philosophy. Trying to add something to BeMore and learning something from BeMore using my business knowledge. Also, I love having some good conversations.

Mila Telgmann

Being the event organizer for BeMore, perfectly combines my interest in organizing while giving room for my creative and fun loving side. I see the potential of a strong and connected community.

Sandro de Calonne

As a young creative I use my passion and energy to create brands and visualize identities with meaning. Creating something out of nothing and becoming better is what makes me go out of bed every morning.

About the organization

Although it was very clear to us from observation that there is a need for growth and development with our fellow students, we also believe in doing research and building a proper concept.

We would like to share these papers with the community so that you can inform yourself and perhaps even get inspired to do your own research. If you found some interesting information or don't agree with something feel free to contact us!


Utilizing insights from diverse projects in various industries, I work to streamline BeMore‘s internal processes. Besides this, I live out my creativity and passion for digital design in the design team.

Martina Denegri

Aspiring writer, art lover, voracious reader, passionate about cultures and communication.
Walking on the line between analytical thinking and creativity, I found my place in the realm of marketing communication.

Evanne Welling

Creating video content has always been one of my favorite hobbies. The combination between motion and music is something I’ve always been passionate about. BeMore gives me the opportunity to create, learn and grow during this adventure


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